You always hear about defensive driving but nowhere is that more important than when you are around children. It is essential that you pay attention to everything going on around you and follow the rules for special situations.

School Buses

Most people know that you are supposed to stop if you are behind a school bus at the time it shows the stop sign. You cannot pass and drive around it. However, if you are coming in the opposite direction, you must also stop until the sign is put away. School buses also stop at any railroad crossing so it is best to keep at least 20 feet behind them. Even after the bus has moved on, you should be very cautious. Children may turn around and dart across the street at the last minute.

Know the routes for the buses and popular areas for children to walk to and from school. In nice weather, you may see children crossing the street as they walk to their homes. Do not assume they will stop when they see your car; kids will often run ahead to beat oncoming traffic. Even if you are not in a school crossing, you should always drive slowly and cautiously around a school.

Schools And Daycares

If you drop off your children at a daycare or school, make sure you park in the designated area. This protects your children because there are signs for other drivers to slow down and be careful. If you are driving through a school zone, always follow the speed limit and watch for children near the street. You never know when a child will run out into the street.

Do not use your cell phone or have other distractions when you are in an area with children. You want to pay attention any time you are driving but especially when children are close by since they may not know the rules of the road.

Another area where you should pay special attention is at high schools where you will find student drivers. Even those who have had their driver’s license for a year or two may not always notice other vehicles. Since you are the adult, it is up to you to be the responsible person. Be prepared for the younger driver who may pull out in front of you at the last minute or have the wrong turn signal on.

Driving safely can give you better auto insurance quotes, but driving safely around children is even more important. You must pay more attention because of those who pay less for their safety as well as your own.

One of the best auto insurance quotes tips according to is to practice defensive driving. That means to drive like no one else knows how and nobody is paying attention but you. That is the attitude behind driving defensively and can help you save lives of all ages.