As I sit here watching my 2nd hockey game of the night, I finally have Powerball fever! Who doesn’t though, I mean $1.5 Billion! The numbers will be picked in an 1/2 and I am already spending my winnings in my mind. I would take care of my family first, payoff my debt, and make a plan to donate for good. Some of that good would be directed to the facility I am lucky enough to work at.

I asked many people tonight what they would do if they won, many of you were kind enough to say you would donate to our rink as well. Why do that, many might say? I like to think it is the sense of community we have been able to continue even after Albert & Amelia Ferst, our generous benefactors, have left us. Amelia Park Arena is a safe place where families can enjoy time together and kids can learn about teamwork, skills, and friendship. But that’s not all. Our teams range from college, high school, Dek hockey, and sled hockey. We also offer programs for players who have moved beyond the glory day competition with our leagues.

Inside our out, we look for great competition with a workout on the side. We even support horticulture and the arts with Amelia’s Garden, our 1.3 acre memorial garden and it’s FREE Musical Moments Series for all to enjoy.

So when you hear your numbers and are looking for a non-profit option to help, we are more than willing to assist with your legacy! Here’s hoping your Powerball Dreams come true!