Amelia Park Ice Arena is proud to offer Blocks of Ice to the Greater Westfield area children-related charities to be used during the winter/spring season.

What is a Block of Ice?

A block of ice is 50 minutes of ice at Amelia Park Ice Arena, located at 21 South Broad Street, Westfield, MA 01085. Ice is regularly priced at $275.00/50 minutes.

How can a block of ice be used?

A Block of Ice can be used as a fundraising tool or an appreciation event for supporters of your cause. Generally, only one block of ice is awarded.

How do I use a block of ice as a fundraiser?

As your organization is receiving ice at no charge to your organization, you can charge a fee for supporters to come and skate. We recommended up to $12/person as that will be comparable with our public skate rates (if you include a skate rental).

Are skates included in our block of ice?

Skates are NOT included in blocks of ice. Amelia Park Ice Arena does rent skates, both hockey and figure skates, at a rate of $ 3.00/pair. You may want to consider a package deal for skating and rentals when you plan your event and take care of the rental charges with the front desk at the end of your session.

Are we covered by insurance in case of injury?

There are actually two ways of handling this: 1. Provide Amelia Park Ice Arena with a certificate of liability that we keep on file for a year from issue; 2. Have each person as they arrive complete one of our waiver forms.

Will skate guards be on duty?

Generally for private rentals, we do not have skate guards on duty. However, we can provide a skate guard at $10/guard. Scheduling of the guard will have to take place one week prior to your ice booking. You can certainly provide your own adults or guards, but they must be designated so that rink staff can briefly train them on ice conduct.